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Terrace Renovation - Petersham

This terrace renovation is being undertaken over two stages.  Stage one has been completed, stage two is currently in operation.

Stage One


Stage one of this project was to construct a second bedroom, main bathroom and internal laundry.
The design criteria for stage one this renovation was to increase the terrace from a one to a two bedder, move a combined bathroom and laundry from outside, to their own functional areas, within the terrace and to not lose any of the ‘original terrace characteristics’.
The structural work for stage one included partially removing a section of the downstairs floor and increasing the barer and joist size to allow for the excess load from the new bathroom, laundry and second bedroom.  Compressed cement floor sheeting was installed to the wet areas, organisation and timely coordination of other trades such as a plumber, tiler, waterproofer, electrician, painter, etc were called upon to complete the job.
This work was carried out while the owners were still in occupancy.

Stage Two

An extension for the new kitchen and living area.
This involved pouring new strip footings and concrete slab, erecting brick veneer wall frame and a pitched skillion roof frame, all to engineers specifications.  Incorporated in this roof frame was a Velux skylight and Klip-Lok roof sheeting was used.  A new aluminium bi-fold door and timber hardwood floor was also installed to finish the project off