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Our Process

The Builtworx Design and Construct Process

Building is a team effort. A journey that we take together. With this in mind, we focus our design and construct process around the following standard construction stages with added flexibility so we can work with you and your family’s needs to ensure your journey is a smooth one.


Initial Contact

initial contact

All good journeys begin with the first step. And your first step will be a phone call, web enquiry or email through to our office. From there, one of our staff members will get in touch with you via phone to chat about your project and what you want to achieve with your renovation or new home build. 

This initial contact will give us both a chance to ask preliminary questions and determine if we are a good fit to make your dream home a reality.


Builders Consultation

builders consultation

Following our initial contact, a builders consultation will be arranged with builder Adam. This will give you the opportunity to meet Adam and go over in detail what you had in mind for your new home or renovation.

Builders consultations take approximately an hour and along with discussing your project ideas, we talk about your design ideas, your budget and we run through our design and construction process.


Design and Detail

Design and detail

Once we’ve decided we are the right fit for each other we move to the design and detail stage. If you don’t already have plans drawn up for your new home or renovation, this is when they will be created. 

Builtworx has a talented and highly experienced design team who can take your ideas and everything discussed during the builders consultation and create concept drawings of your project. 

Using state of the art Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and 3D tools, we’ll create a design for your home that will be presented to you in virtual form so you can get a good idea of what the finished results will look like. 

If you already have plans for your project, great! We can also work with your plans or alongside your external design team to build your perfect home.


Building Proposal

building proposal

Once you are happy with the design of your home and have concept plans ready, we move to the building proposal stage.

It is at this stage where we will begin to gather all the finer details of your project including any product selections and specifications, along with expert reports such as energy efficiency (BASIX) reports, soil tests and engineering reports.

Once we have received all the relevant reports, we will put together an extensive building proposal outlining all the information relating to your project, including a fully itemised cost breakdown.

This comprehensive building proposal will help you make informed decisions going forward. It will also allow you the opportunity at this time to further review the design concept and adjust project inclusions if necessary.


Construction Agreement

Construction Agreement

Once you are satisfied with everything that is outlined in the building proposal, we will prepare a construction agreement. This is a contract between both parties and outlines both your obligations and ours.

Adam will make a time to sit down with you, go through and sign the construction agreement, run through all the details of your project and answer any questions you may have that haven’t already been covered.


Council Submission

council submission

Following on from the contract stage, Builtworx will prepare your building application and submit it to your local council for approval. The application will include detailed construction plans, engineering reports and all other necessary documentation.

You will be kept in the loop and regularly updated as the progress of your application during this stage.


Client Portal Setup

Client Portal Setup

While your plans are working their way through the council approval process, we will be setting up your client portal and adding all the information compiled to date to your account. Once the client portal is set up you have access to all your documentation, plans and project details online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location.

From this point onwards, any updates, amendments, construction schedules, site photos and project notes will be added to the portal so you can keep track of your project as it progresses. You’ll also be able to review your product selections via the client portal along with monitoring your project budget and communicating directly with us.




When council approval has been received, we move into the pre-construction stage. During this stage we will again meet with you onsite, introduce you to the Builtworx team who will be working on your project and run through the construction schedule and any project-specific information.

This will be the first of many meetings as we work together throughout the construction of your project.




The construction stage is where all the time and effort put into your project to date comes to life. Throughout the construction stage, we will be working hard to build your dream home on time and within budget. You’ll be kept up to date at all times as to the progress of the work via onsite meetings and through the client portal. 

If you have chosen to remain in your home during construction, we will be doing everything we can to ensure disruption is minimised and your family remains as comfortable as possible.




Once construction is complete, we conduct a walkthrough review together so you can inspect the finished work. We will also go over any of the details and run through instructions for new equipment and/or appliances at this time.

An official handover is conducted during this stage and you are presented with your keys (if applicable) along with all the relevant warranty and project documentation associated with the build. All that is left for you to do now is to enjoy your new home.


Ongoing Support

Ongoing support

Don’t worry, handover does not mean the end of our relationship. As professional builders, we are committed to you and our projects. Whether it’s renovations, extensions or new home builds, we provide a maintenance period following your construction work to address any defects that may arise once the dwelling has had time to settle and adjust. 

If at any time during this period you are not 100% satisfied with the workmanship we will inspect and rectify. This is our guarantee to you.

Ready to get the ball rolling on your home renovation, extension or new build?

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